Financial Impact of Agents

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Financial Impact of Agents
Hello, I am an Accounts Receivable Specialist for a call center. I manage our invoicing and collection notices. I am building out a financial impact report to show the impact of an agent missing work or being a low performer. I know that I can take what we bill our clients for a single agent, and add in the cost of benefits, but is there anything else I should include? Should I include the cost of the supervisors time spent on coaching or typing up a write-up for an agent that is constantly needing disciplinary actions based on our policies? Do I include the cost of a QA specialist and the time it takes to complete QA's on a rep who ends up being termed? Do I include the cost of hiring the person, and the HR specialist time of interviewing and recruiting?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Is this for an audience of the advisor or the business
If this is designed to get the advisor to improve performance then this whole report will not produce the desired results.

If it is designed to go to senior management to show the impact of bad hiring or poor organisational culture then this is a different situation.

In this case you should include all of the loaded costs - supervisors, desks heating, IT, HR, quality etc. It would be best then to ask finance for the figures that they think that you should include.

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