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Hi, we are currently running an 85 seat contact centre which has a small team of supervisors that assist with on the floor queries.

If an advisors needs assistance, they simply hold up a help card up that is either red for immediate assistance, yellow for after call assistance or blue for a system problem.

As the contact centre has grown this primitive system that has served us well in the past is now looking quite dated and hasn’t scaled well as we have grown.

What I am looking for is an electronic system that advisors log into and click an option similar to what we currently have (Immediate assistance, after call assistance or system problem) with a editable submenu of options that they can select from, so that I can pull data from for training needs analysis etc….

I am sure there must be software out there that does this relatively simple task, but if somebody could recommend one or advise of where to look, that would be greatly appreciated.



Which Telephoney system you are using?

In Avaya you can create escelation skills with seperate priorities depanding on the assistance required


Technical Support Manager


As an outsourcing company we inherit and work with the legacy systems that our customers use.

Currently we are running Cisco & Mitel, so ideally the escalation software would be a separate program that is independent of the telephony platforms.

I have never saw that type of Floor Walking Solution.

I know our floor walking guys building up a FAQ set of questions they been asked which then get added to our Internal Portal for each project.

Chris - We are like you and do outsource work for clients which I know your pain as we are often dropped in deep end.

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