Focus days, spiffs, floor walks, hype days, activity days, killer days.

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Focus days, spiffs, floor walks, hype days, activity days, killer days.
I want to do some research on the effectiveness of focus days on the salesfloor - the sort often run by suppliers for channel call centres. Finding this very difficult, not least because there doesn't seem to be a generic term for these salesfloor activity days (those in the title are just some I've come across). So my questions to the forum are 'what do you call yours?' and 'do they work? Do they have a lasting impact?' Could really use the feedback of anyone whose ever been the receiving end!

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Did you try creating an energy management team on the floor,consisting of agents and line managers?

I currently use a focus group to achieve the outcomes for the day.

This week we have a Formula one incentive running that was created by the team and has increased revenue by almost 13%.

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a wise man once showed me something....

He said "motion creates energy,energy creates SALES".

i recently joined a team that makes 80 million a month,By using this strategy we increased revenue by 100%,voila 160 million on the books purely by energy management.

rememeber have fun!!!!!

By using the sales boards and KPI,Turn it into a competition nad it will work.


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I've worked in some retail call centres but am not sure what you are exactly describing. Can you maybe give a more detailed example? Are they just sort of days were your channels come in to do demo's for your agents?


"energy management" is a very vague term, can you expand on this a bit? Either in this post or please create another one.

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