Forecast Average Speed of Answer

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Forecast Average Speed of Answer
I currently have a headcount of 111 and I am looking to reduce it to 64, how can I forecast for the ASA to see how much it will increase? The abandon rate is 5% and AHT Target 480, ASA Target is 30.


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Service Level Time will increase to hours
Cutting this number of heads will have a drastic effect on service quality.

You can put all the numbers in to an Erlang Calculator to see the impact.

As the old adage says "you can't fit 2 pints in a 1 pint glass"

Calculation to determine ASA?
I have projected call volumes of 20,496, 17,442, 19,308, 18014, 17,867. How can I calculate the Forecasted ASA if I reduce the headcount from 111 to 64?


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