Forecast / New business - COTS

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Forecast / New business - COTS
Hi all,

We are currently looking at new businesses involving call centers. We came up with our own staffing model but are kind of afraid that once I'm gone, no one would be able to maintain it due to the complexity of the spreadsheet.
Thus my question, is there any COTS (commercial off the shelf) product that would suit a company to staff a call center?
Usually, the operations we are trying to win are ran by 25-50 CSRs, and as now our CSRs headcount is about 30, so we wouldn't invest too much money into a huge system to maintain.

Thanks for any information you could provide!


Erlang C Calculator
Hi Joris,

Try looking for free Erlang C Calculators online. It shall be cost efficient for you and easier for others to use.

Suggest you check out the ones featured here @ the callcentrehelper site and/ or Google one which you think best suits your operations.

Good luck!

@ Aaron
Hi Aaron,

First, thanks for your reply.

Actually, the model I developed is based on Erlang C calculators. I've forgotten also to mention that not all the staff will be CSRs but also clerk employees.

Thanks again for any support!


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