Forecasting and Modelling multi-channel workloads

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Forecasting and Modelling multi-channel workloads
Hi All,

I have just taken over strategic leadership of a contact centre which, amongst other challenges, has a workload made up of around 50% telephone contacts and around 50% online / webchat / email / portal referral contacts. We don't operate a truly omni-channel platform at the moment, in that whilst we have a lots of stats etc regarding calls, we have little useful data on off call tasks as they are varied and use different platforms.

Has anyone else cracked forecasting for such circumstances?


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Two Options
There are two main options.

The quick and dirty way is to lump all contacts together (telephone contacts + online + webchat + email + portal referral contacts) and work out a weighted average of AHT. You then run this through an Erlang calculator.
It may not be 100% accuracy, but it is what most contact centres do. It generally puts you in the right area and since inbound volumes can be particularly volatile, it seems good enough.

If you want to get more granular you can use the Multi channel simulator.
This does a random simulation on the call arrival and works out the staffing requirements. It will give a different answer every time (as it reflects the random call arrival volitivity).

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