Forecasting Calculation for small forecasted Queues (Agents required)

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Forecasting Calculation for small forecasted Queues (Agents required)
Good Morning,

I am looking for a formula I can use to to generate agents required. As the small volumes are very small, I feel that Erlang calculation does not provide me the most accurate projection and provides me with much more.

The information I would like to use is:

- Call QTY
- Total Call time (Including wrap)
- 30 minute intervals

- Shrinkage = 30%
- Occupancy = 55%
- Efficiency = 80%
- Customer Service Target= 85%

On average there could be only 1 - 3 calls per 30 minutes with a total time of 5 minutes. I would like a more precise result and not use the Erlang as I feel it can provide me with two many agents. (For instance the result will only give me 1 or 3 agents, and never 2 (which is not ideal in my cirmustance)



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The only other approach would be to use a simulator

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