Forecasting Estimate needed

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Forecasting Estimate needed
Hi everyone,

Looking for an WFM SME to assist with some call centre planning - hopefully someone can assist.

63 agents
11 minute AHT (660 seconds)
27% shrink
80/20 Service Level target
~85-90% Occupancy
17 hours a day, 7 days a week support

Looking for a high level, ballpark estimated range of how many calls per month could be taken by these 63 agents?

Thanks for reading :)

Hi Mike.

Been a bit busy for a few days.

Looking at this for you now.

Will be back to you in a day or so...




Call Centre Helper

Erlang Calculator may help
First of all you can look at how many calls you can handle per hour. Once you have this you need to work out a typical call arrival profile, then you need to work it up into hours, days and then weeks to get your total.


Call Centre Helper

Around 1560 Calls per day
We have just upgraded the Erlang Calculator to include a day planner. Plugging in the figures and adjusting the number of agents I come out at around 1560 Calls could be handled. This would increase if you have better flexibility around your use of shift patterns.

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