Forecasting Model in Excel

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Forecasting Model in Excel
Hi, I am very new to forecasting and have been relying on WFM to do the forecasting for me but I really want to learn how to forecast manually using excel and start from scratch, problem is I don't know where to start and would like to know what the fundamentals are for producing a call centre forecast from scratch.

I would really appreciate if someone could share their excel models with me and provide me with some basic instructions on how it works and how it all links together.

I am aware there are some tools already available on here but would like sight of other models.

Many thanks.


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Look at Holt Winters - Triple Exponential Forecasting
If you want to learn forecasting in Excel I would suggest that you take a look at Triple Exponential Smoothing - also known as the Holt Winters method.

There is a good YouTube video that explains how to implement this in Excel

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