Forecasting mortgage servicing contact volume

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Forecasting mortgage servicing contact volume
I am interviewing for a WFM position for a start up mortgage servicing company. I was asked how I would forecast if I knew we’d be acquiring 100,000 loans by a certain month. In lieu of any historical data, does anyone have any benchmarking data for mortgage servicing contacts per loan rate per month?


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Use a ratio
There is no benchmark data on this.

You would need to do a factor. e.g. There are typically on average 5 calls per new mortgage.

The best way is to look at the existing workload. This could be done by call listening, or by manually sifting through call records. A sample of 10 customers would give you a few clues, but better if you can sift through 100 customer records. You can typically do this within a week or so.

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