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From First Call Resolution Webinar (asked by Mohamed)

I would like to find general formula to calculate the Call Resolution


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In it's simplest form it is 1 - (repeat calls / total calls). Where it gets complicated is how you measure 'repeat calls' - is it someone calling back same day / within 2 days / within a week or is it possible to track if a customer actually calls back on the same issue. Also if using phone numbers to track it, how do we cope when someone calls from work during the day and from home in the evening?

In many of our centres, the technology to track repeat callers is lacking as systems weren't initially designed to track repeat callers. One suggestion could be to look at how speech analytics is used - by searching for key words like 'when i called earlier', or 'when I spoke to your colleague' we may get better statistics - I would be interested in what people think.


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Some people measure a FCR in a different way. Instead of First Call Resolution, which is normally a percentage between 0 and 100%, they measure the repeat contact rate.

The repeat contact rate is the average number of calls per problem. At it's crudest level it is

Repeat contact rate = Total number of calls / Total number or problems raised

This gives a number greater than 1, e.g. 1.9 calls per problem.

Dividing the other way would give the First Call resolution rate

FCR = Total number or problems / Total number of calls

So 1.9 calls per problem = 53% FCR

At it's simplest level you can get "Total number of calls" from the ACD stats and "Total number or problems" from your help desk system. The problem being that it is possible to maniputate the "Total number or problems", for example giving

I agree with John that using Speech Analytics would probably give you a more realistic answer.

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