FTE calculation for back office account

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I just want to know if I can incorporate the turn around time in getting the FTE requirement this is without considering the hourly arrival pattern .



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It all depends upon whether you have some form of service level target. If it just on time per task you could make an estimate based on number of hours available and utilisation.

If you have some form of service level or SLA, you will need to make some estimate of the hourly arrival pattern to make any real sense of the numbers of FTEs required.

These are the data that I have

aht- 45 mins

TAT - 2hrs

volume - 210/day

productive hrs per day - 7.5

using straight calculation - i only need 21FTE. is my calculation correct?


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What does TAT mean? Is this the desired service level?

At a base level

210 takes per day at 0.75 hours per task = 157.5 hours of work per day.

157.5 / 7.5 hours per day = 21.

This leads to a base level of 21 FTE of work.

But there is no allowance here for the distribution of work through service level, or for shrinkage (e.g. Holidays, Sickness, Absense, Training, Staff meetings etc).

The true number would probably be more in the 30 - 40 FTE range.

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Hi Jonty - how did you get 30-40? I understand the impact of shrink and occupancy but how did you account for the 2-hour turnaround time? Thanks!

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