FTE Calculation for Chat

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FTE Calculation for Chat
I have 777 forecasted chats in a day with AHT of 312 seconds and concurrency is 3. How do I compute for FTE requirements if I answer only 95% of calls?


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Use the Multi-channel or Erlang calculator
There is no tool that I know of that can currently do this accurately - using concurrency. The best way would be to use one of the existing tools and to divide the number of chats by a factor to include concurrency. So if you have 3 concurrent chats during busy periods divide the chats per hour then divide the number by 2.2 - in quiet periods divide it by say 1.5

Here are links to the two tools that you may find useful

Would it not make mo...
Would it not make more sense to divide your required staff by the concurrency as they are effectively being more than one agent rather than dealing with less chats?


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You can't just divide by the maximum concurrency
You can't just divide by the maximum concurrency as sometimes if concurrency is set to 3 the agent starts off with one chat then 2 and then 3 - similarly when approaching break it goes 3,2,1,0 .

The problem is compounded with the fact that AHT goes up with increased concurrency.

So you probably need to do it based on observations from your centre to get the right concurrency.

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