FTE calculation for month totaling 147 hrs

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FTE calculation for month totaling 147 hrs
What is the formula used to calculate the hours for each FTE in a given month of 22 working days which results in 147 hours.


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Are you talking about a scheduling algorithm?
So what details do you have.
Do you have daily call volumes for each of the 22 days? Do you have it broken down by hours? Do you have the number of staff needed across each hour?
Depending upon the information that you have the answer will be different.

Calculation- DAY(EDATE(A2,1)-1)/7*5*8 where A2 is month in question (01/05/19 for instance) will give gross hours (177.14), presumably your 146 is after shrinkage (about 17.6% in your case if so)

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