FTE calculation for Outbound and Inbound

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FTE calculation
I'm wondering what's the best way to calculate FTE based on inbound and outbound calls. So we are trending 56% of inbounds results in an outbound call. How would I go about calculating this?


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Use quiet periods for Outbound
There is no easy answer for this as there are no separate inbound/outbound calculators that I am aware of.

In many ways you can just add the two together and run it through an Erlang calculator. This would give you a rough approximation.

The advantage of outbound calls is that you can make these in quiet periods so you may be able to get some additional efficiency.

Inbound / outbound calls
Thanks for the advice. I have created a call profile for both inbound and outbound, combining these together then using a weighted AHT. Then using erlang to calculate the number of FTE needed. It's difficult has the outbound calls will be done across the day as and when the agent needs to to rectify the customers issue.

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