FTE count required based on x outbound data

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FTE count required based on x outbound data

Can someone please let me know how you calculate how many fte would be needed based on x outbound data per week?

For example, 10000 records per week and 6.6 LCPH.

Forecasting isn't my forte.

Any help would be appreciated.



Call Centre Helper

What does LCPH mean?
I think that PH probably means per hour, but not sure of the LC part.

Leads Closed per Hou...
Leads Closed per Hour (LCPH)

You need 41 FTE
If I consider your explamle as "Actual numbers": below is the calculation for FTE:

Calls: 10000
LCPH: 6.6
Working 5 days per week: 37.5 Hrs
Occupancy : 100% (which is not ideal)


If you target 85% occupancy, you'll need 48 FTE to manage 10000 LCPH

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