FTE for an outbound service.

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FTE for an outbound service.
Please help me to understand how do I calculate the required FTEs for an outbound call center? I have the monthly workload, 10000 calls x 5 minutes as AHT = 50000 minutes/month. I have to consider utilisation and occupancy to get the available time to deal the calls or I have to calculate the FTE based only on monthly working hours (40 hours/week).Thank you.

50,000 minutes per m...
50,000 minutes per month is a relatively small team. Assuming a FTE has circa 80% occupancy that is 1920 minutes per week - assuming an average month - 4.33 weeks per month - that is 8,313 minutes per FTE per month - so about 6 FTE plus shrinkage needed.

The issue I would see is at those volumes, even diallers would have high number of repeats so the occupancy may need to be lower - maybe 60 - 70%. Calculation is the same.

If no dialler then you need to build in time for dialling and customers not answering - so occupancy could even be a little lower.

Hope that helps.

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