FTE needs to meet sla

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FTE needs to meet sla
i don't have a call unit, but my team does provide data entry service. We know the time it takes to enter items. We know how many requests we get and or the number of total items entered. i can get the number of workers needed on a monthly basis. What i need to figure out is how many people do i need to turn it around within three days on average.

so, if 15,000 items were entered in a month. I know how long it take to enter each item. I can get the number of workers needed to enter the 15, 000 items entered for the month. But i want items done on a 3 day turn around time. Items are submitted throughout the month and they contain various amounts of info that need to be entered. How can i find out FTE needs to ensure the turnaround time of three days is meet.


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Try using the Erlang Calculator

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