FTE & Occupancy

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FTE & Occupancy
Hi Everyone,

I'm running some calculations on FTE and once I go past 80% occupancy, the FTE stays the same. I tested 85% and 90% and received the same FTE as 80%.

Calls - 16611
12 Hours
AHT - 464
Service Level 80/30
Shrinkage 25%

Is there a reason why as occupancy goes up, FTE flattens?


Call Centre Helper

Break it down a lower interval (e.g. 30 minutes)
So when I used the Erlang calculator

With 16611 Monthly calls it came out on a Monday with a peak of 66 calls per half hour

When I put 66 calls per 30 minutes into the calculator I got
24 Agents 94.5% occupancy
26.5 Agents 85.1% occupancy
28 Agents 81% occupancy

This shows no sign to me of flattening out

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