FTE required weekly with 90% SLA in 30 secs and 80% SLA in 20 sec

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FTE required weekly with 90% SLA in 30 secs and 80% SLA in 20 sec
How I can calculate the weekly FTE required weekly ( not interval) with different SLA. I know how to do it for capacity, but not by service level on weekly basic.


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Answer for FTE required weekly with 90% SLA in 30 secs and 80% SLA in 20 sec
Sorry no easy solution on this one. You will need to break it down by interval.

If you don't know this you will have to make a guess of the overall profile across the day. Section 2.2 of this report will give you a typical profile.

Many contact centres also start busy on a Monday and then this falls down across the week.
If you don't know the figures then as a starter you can use these percentages
Monday - 110% of an average day
Tuesday - 105% of an average day
Wednesday - 100% of an average day
Thursday - 95% of an average day
Friday - 90% of an average day

The rest of it you need to put into an Erlang Calculator

Do you have historical daily SL and utilization %'s?
What you can do is do a regression analysis seeing the inverse correlation between your daily SL's and your utilization numbers. I would assume you would have some historical days where your SL's were a bit lower than your goal.

So, essentially, you are trying to see if you can predict what your utilization will be on a given day by only knowing what your SL was. Should be a good correlation between the two. If you can do this, then you can apply it to a weekly look with each of your different SL goals. From there, you need to be able to apply the corresponding utilization % to the forecasted talk time and back into an FTE number.

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