FTE Requirements in Omnichannel

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FTE Requirements in Omnichannel

Been an avid reader for quite some time now. and just got myself in a serious trouble I would say lol when our client opted to implement an omnichannel environment kind of support.

How do you calculate requirements for that? Is that even possible in erlang calculation? What are the assumption i should consider? I hope you can give me some insights. Would appreciate if you could :)

What channels are yo...
What channels are your company looking to introduce?

There are many methods you can use to project demand and staffing requirements, if you could let us know what channels are being adopted we can provide further advise


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This is where the multi channel simulator comes in

To Rob
Currently agents are doing phones. However, the client is exploring to have all agents be able to handle Phone, Chat and email in an omni-channel environment.

To Jonty -This is where the multi channel simulator comes in
The simulator was very helpful. Just one question though, does it factor in any scheduling inflex? As it was not mentioned.

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