FTE requirements to cover all opening hours

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FTE requirements to cover all opening hours
Hi guys - typically we have an excel based FTE requirements model that shows what is required weekly or monthly. FTE requirements are ascertained using usual approach ie workload / FTE hours, with shrinkage and achievable occupancy considered. How do you factor in for the fact your centre is open say 8am til 8pm as using just the FTE requirements above may still leave me short when factoring in shift patterns eg teams needing a day off in the week as they work the Saturday etc. Thanks


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You need to create a Schedule
The only way to work out this is to generate a schedule based on your individual shift patterns.

This is a bit of a time consuming task in Excel but is possible.

The Erlang calculator has a schedule example for the reporting intervals of week or month. Have you tried that. It may give you a few pointers.

FTE for longer opening hours
Thanks for the reply Jonty. I guess I was looking for something if known for more long term planning / budgeting when we wouldn't typically produce a schedule. I had seen on a previous post somewhere that you can take into account by working out % of the opening hrs an FTE provides eg 37.5 hrs FTE against a call centre operating 8 to 8 and 7 days a week is 37.5 / 84 therefore need to uplift by this? Not sure if that's anything that's commonplace as I hadn't heard of that before?

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