General Formula for Quick Estimates for Expanded Coverage

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General Formula for Quick Estimates for Expanded Coverage
I am frequently asked to provide quick turnaround on staffing projections for what-if scenarios and while I am confident in the initial amount of labor, I am at a loss for how to quickly pad in extended hours and weekend coverage without getting down into per-interval supply and demand type analysis.

At a long-term planning level, I can figure out how many contacts, handle time or CPH, and hours worked will be necessary to handle our business. For example, I can see in a given week that I have 2k hours of work to be done and if I crudely divide this by 32hrs, I can say that this is roughly 65 agents worth of work if my business inflow and my agents schedules all line up neatly into five 8hr days.

Is there a crude/SWAG formula that I could use to take my 5 day/wk model and spread it to 7 days? Like maybe my regular hours assumption * 2/7 or ~28% for weekend coverage? Further, if I need to have an open, mid, and close shift, is there another multiplier I can use to increase the needed headcount? Ultimately, I would like to be able to do my math to come up with X hours and then multiply by Y to get SWAG of what weekend coverage could inflate and then Z to run three shifts.

To be clear, we do plan down to the interval level, but we just can't turn around quick requests in time.


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Sorry you need to do it at Interval Level
Sorry, but as with many complex things there are often no short cuts.

You need to do it at Interval Level.

Perhaps build some pre-canned scenarios in a spreadsheet.

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