Georgian Ministry of Environment Call Center

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Georgian Ministry of Environment Call Center
I am helping the Ministry of Environment in Tbilisi Georgia work through some issues with their contact center.

The Ministry is a branch of the federal government with a little over a hundred employees and the contact center itself is fairly small, only 4-6 people at any given time. They are normally contacted about natural resource issues, wildlife problems, ecological concerns, things like that.

These employees are currently fielding questions and reports about the environment without many resources at their disposal.

They have two computers, two landline phones, and a mobile device. They currently do not have any hardware or software to record calls or keep track of any performance indicators.

Considering an extremely low budget and English is a second or third language, here is my question:

Is there any software you can suggest that the Ministry use?



Call Centre Helper

Look at Open Source
It sounds like they need a simple ACD queuing system.

If budget is a real issue then it may be worth experimenting with Asterisk which is an Open Source software based contact centre.

It is possible that if the phones are aleady on a PBX system that it may already have a queuing system, or could be adapted to provide hunt groups.

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