Getting rid of WFM

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Getting rid of WFM
Hi there, We're a 150 FTE call centre running a flexible system of schedules through WFM software Impact 360. Agent attrition has been high and the flexible schedules are being seen as the source of this. The Ops Manager wants to return to a system of fixed shifts administrated exclusively through Excel and do away with Impact completely, thereby reducing attrition and removing the cost of Verint. Has anyone got any thoughts on the advantages or possible ROI's of either approach to managing the workforce?


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I would not advise it
I think that pulling out the WFM and moving back to Excel may be shooting yourself in the foot.

If you are moving from flexible shifts to fixed shifts I would expect attrition to go up, rather than go down. Also you would probably spend as much time on administering your spreadsheets than you would on the actual cost of the equipment. I would also presume that the Verint purchase was a capital expenditure and so the only saving that you would make is on the maintenance bill.

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