Gossiping in the Contact Centre

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We have recently been asked by one of our readers for any tips on how to deal with gossiping in the call centre which in turn creates a negative vibe.

Does anyone have any tips that they would like to share on how to manage this issue?

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Gossiping in contact centres is a difficult task to manage.

That said our team here have been really good at picking up on it early and speak to the instigators or what is being rumored to happen and (where possible) disclosing the truth and putting an end to it.

It may be that some agents dont get on or find it hard to work together again we are quick to intervene find out what the issues are and where possible help elminate them. If its not possible we do what we can to instill the "stay out of each others way" philosphy.

More often than not that does the job.

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Very tricky one this. I can recall a situation with two girls who fell out. I basically made time to listen to both separately, and asked each of them to rise above it and not further antagonise the situation, and also pointed out that they were probably both as bad as each other! It did die down after a while. Thing is people will talk and gossip, you dont have to join in! In my head I'm imagining it is more of an issue with younger workers ie teenagers and twenty somethings but maybe not! I think if it is happening you do need to try and address it and nip it in the bud - depending in the sensitivity of the 'gossip' and assuming you have them it might also be good to invole the Human Resources department.....

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Gossiping is part of life that is exaggerated in a call centre environment due to amount of people and normally confined space. I sit open plan so I can hear just about everything so people tend not to gossip too much. We make a point of to have a light hearted moment of everybody, when they say something stupid and all have a bit of a laugh me included and everybody gets a turn, so there is no “holy cows” and everybody sort of fells equal to the rest.

We had a time or 2 when staff had issues with each other, but that was sorted quickly as our view on that is that you don’t have to like everybody but you have to have a working relationship with each other. If it negatively influences the call centre I sit them down and tell them they either sort it out amongst themselves or I will sort it out for them. So far that threat has worked, still waiting for the day it doesn’t, hoping it will never come.

I have stressed it so much but the right culture not only minimizes these things but it also makes it easier to deal with when it happens.

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