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Has anybody got any material that they have previously used in a training session relating to grammar and punctuation? I have been asked to run a training session regarding this, to call centre agents that are responding to consumer's emails and webchats.

There are some real basic errors being made, so I think I will need to cover bottom line things to start off with.

Any help would be appreciated.

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The best approach I find with this potentially sensitive course is to make it interactive. You definitely want to avoid a patronising school type session. Are you pulling in everyone or just those making errors? This needs to be considered and high performers acknowledged and perhaps used as coaches.

I bring chat logs for analysis and put then in teams. Give them a red pen and see which team can find the most errors in 60 seconds. Then debrief and discuss why these are errors of not obvious. High performers will often jump in here to help the others.

If needed you can do a one page A5 laminated grammar guide of common rules e.g. your and you're!

I also go through some proof reading tips like reading backwards.

Also consider if your system is highlighting mistakes as they type and how much pressure they are under to handle multiple chats simultaneously.

I hope this helps,


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