GSM Gateways

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Head of Operations


Have anyone out there using a GSM gateway environment within their call centre?

Have you had any issues at all with line quality from an Inbound & Outbound point of view?

Do you get support from the company that supplies this?

Who do you recommend & why?

Thank you

GPR Consulting

Hi Lisa,

I have alot of experience in this area. I have recommended and sold a number of GSM gateways to call centres and back office operations alike... it's saving them thousands of pounds a year.

Get in touch and I can share more with you.


Dialler Operations Manager


Hi my company is in the process to set up a GSM Gateways for our Collections call centre, is the GSM Gateway conform with OFCOM regulation?

This process is very benificial for the company, but is this compliance to OFCOM has the customer will be charge (depence on the mobile provider) more then a formal call?

Pls help as I can't find anything on the OFCOM website....



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