Has anyone seen anything interesting happening in the call centre world?

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Has anyone seen anything interesting in the contact centre world?

The things that have been most interesting for me over the past 12 months

- The rise of Social Media (particularly Twitter)

- Duvet Days (now starting to take off)

- Speech analytics (although it can still be rather fiddly to use)

Anyone spotted anything else?

Possible add on-shoring becoming the 'in' thing

(RBS excluded of course)


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I get lots of people talking to me about Voice Biometrics for identifying callers, but I have not had a chance to use it in anger yet.

I suspect that it will be like lots of voice recognition technologies and not be very accurate.

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I have mentioned it before, but yes we have it working successfuly for a client. I'm not allowed to say who though.

Its a popular subject but because people dont see it working in the mass market they are slow to take it up.

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