Head Count calculation

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Head Count calculation
dear all,
kindly i need to calculate the head count for queue get the below
-Calls = 40000 per month
-AHT = 180 sec per call
-Queue working hours = 15 hour from 11:00 till 02:00
- shift per agent 9 hour as 8 hour working and 1 hour breaks
-SLA 80% / 20 Sec
-official vacation = 14
- Annual = 21
-Sick = 9
Off = 104 as week 8 days


FTE - 17
Work load = 40000*180 , =120000
Planned Shrinkage = 16.67%
FTE without shrinkage = 120000/480*18.33, =~14
FTE with shrinkage =+14/(1-16.67%) , =~17

Not considered SLA while calculation
Unplanned shrinkage considered as zero%
Queue working window is request while potting the shifts


Call Centre Helper

Use an Erlang calculator
You can't just spread the call volume across the month as it does not arrive evenly. You also have to factor in service level.


replay on Jonty Pearce
Have You an excel sheet like the online.


Call Centre Helper

Excel Erlang calculator
Here is an Excel Version


It does not have all of the advanced functions but it has the core ones.

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