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Hi All

I hope this is in the right section. I have worked within call centres for the last 10 years as a CSA and spent the last few years working with WFM and in performance, unfortunately my department is been made redundant in June so I have been looking around I have wanted my own business for a number of years but never really known exactly what in until last month. A company we work for has asked if I would set up a company on my own to specialise in taking there OOH calls, now these alone equal my currently salary so naturally I see this as an opportunity to take up (obviously long term would be looking to bring in multiple income streams). My query is I would like to start this business from home due to over heads initially, is there a package or phone/system I can purchase that 1. Has caller display so I can answer with the incoming businesses name, 2. When invoicing businesses I can print a log of calls and do the maths 3. Have scope to expand with the business etc maybe even offering home working to agents later on etc. Any help will be very much appricated

Thanks Chris

Sales Executive

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Hi Chris,

There certainly is services available to do what you've described and more. For transparency the company I can work for provides this as a hosted service, but I can't give my details due to the forum regulations.

What I can tell you is that a "Hosted" system would be best for you, and all you would need is a Phone, and an internet connection.

Therefore all of the call recording, call routing and reporting (allowing you to bill accurately and effectively) is accessible via a simple to use web portal.

Perhaps search on google for 'Hosted Telephony Applications' and see what is available on the market.

Good Luck,

Guy Hannah


Many thanks Guy i will take a look

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