High wrap time effects

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High wrap time effects
It is my opinion that high agent talk and wrap times on calls has an effect on the predictive dialing speed
Lower times produces more aggressive dialing
Is there any documentation anywhere to back this up, our call center director does not believe in the correlations

Hi Jeff,

It's possible it will slow the dialler, but, you should be able to throttle it so it takes into account the longer AHT and does not burn through your list.

I don't know which country you are based in so cannot comment on the legality. However, some jurisdictions require that if you miss a call with an auto dial you need to make a manual call within a certain amount of time.

There are many inherent risks with dialling manually. Reputational being the main one as this can have an attendant financial impact. Especially if you get ICO complaints (in the UK). They are clamping down heavily on predictive dialler use at the moment.

Hope it helps.



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