Hold music - religiously discriminating?

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Hold music - religiously discriminating?
We've had some feedback that it is religiously discriminating to not allow customers the option to "switch off" our hold music, as it plays to customers during Ramadan and does not give them the option to turn it off in the IVR. Has anyone received this kind of feedback, and how did you handle it?


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Is on hold music forbidden in Ramadam
This article seems to suggest that it is OK as long as through headphones.

Probably the best option during Ramadam would be to set up an application in the IVR that does not have hold music. This could be another application that queues for the same group of agents where you play a very long recorded message (with no music) that get interrupted if an agent is available.

So your option could be
For Sales Press 1, For Service Press 2

Then if they press 2
For Customer Service Press 1, For Customer Service without Music Press 2.

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