Holiday Thresholds

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Holiday Thresholds
I'm looking for the best way/formula to work out what threshold to have in place when authorising holidays?
For example, i have x amount of staff and i can allow x amount to be on holiday at anyone time or a percentage to be off. I know that there will be times where the threshold is capped based on events and campaigns.
I hope this makes sense. Any help is appreciated

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Hi Michelle T...
Hi Michelle

There is a minimum amount of leave the contact centre needs to offer each year. If agents are unable to take this leave, a build-up becomes a liability to the business.

1/Make sure that there has been the appropriate amount of planned leave shrinkage used in your high level staffing model.
2/ Make sure that you let out enough leave each week as a minimum. Your starting point for calculating this is staff X yearly entitled leave/52 weeks = leave slots per week.
3/You can refined this from here. IE we know some weeks are going to be busier than others simply due to what is going on in our channels. So we manage leave by restricting it in busy weeks and opening it up in weeks which are not so busy. We can also manage leave on the day where we have a quiet morning we may offer ½ day leave slots for the afternoon/evening. However the overall target needs to be the result of the above formula.
4/Don’t forget to include lieu days if your agents can also accumulate those.

Have I missed anything?


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