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I'd like to know if anyone has any experience with Home Working Platforms - specifically concerning monitoring the quality of home workers.

Are there any off-the-shelf software packages available?

Can't seem to find anything online!

Any help much appreciated.

Hi Euan,

Happy to have a chat with you about our icontact software which is a multi-channel contact handling and reporting suite which can be delivered as a cloud option and is used by a number of multi-site operations where homeworkers form part of the advisor teams.

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Hi Euan,

Many solutions can provide remote access voice & screen monitoring for your virtual workforce, to allow you to complete real-time QA and replicate the processes adopted in a Brick & Mortar environment.

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Vicidial - Open Source (and happens to be Free) will allow tracking of agents in-house and at home equally. Monitoring calls and output is built into the reporting system.

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