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My company is considering bringing on board a hosted predictive dialler solution for our telemarketing dept.

I understand diallers, I have a vague idea of how a hosted solution would work, but is there anyone out there who can give some specifics on how it's all put together? For example;

1) With a predictive solution, the host will need to view our realtime activities - how does this work?

2) With each call delivery onsite we'll need some kind of screen pop to view the customers details. I've read on some hosted providers sites that all we would need is a browser - how does the right information find the right agent?

3) Over all, how does the dialler pinpoint agents for both the right call and right information - are calls delivered to individuals rather than to a skill?

4) Any other advise anyone can offer, i.e. we have a relatively small telemarketing dept, approx 10 agents. Is there a recommended minimum limit where is doesn't make sense to use a dialler?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Cheers, JD

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Hopefully I can help answer a few of your questions..

1) Agents can connect to the hosted dialler in a variety of ways. This agent connection allows the hosted system to manage the agents status. Agent connections are usually carried out via PSTN, standard VOIP or via a leased line. Lots of factors would determine which one is the best for you.

2) Again this will depend on the application you are using for the agent desktop. You can either look at using an existing system and integrate the dialler to it, use something propritary to the dialler which would normally be a basic screen pop of the relevant call details along with the ability to reschedule and outcome calls. Or you could look for a one stop solution that can provide you with campaign management, scripting and dialling all in one application.

3) This will also depend on the dialler you are using. Ones I have experience with vary but all supply you with options for assigning agents/groups to campaigns and then applying rules on how the dialer hands out calls. Could be on longest waiting agent or based upon proficiency or skills.

4) My own opinion is that 10 agents is probably the minimum you would want to be trying to dial predictively with. What sort of campaigns are you doing? Will all agents be in one campaign. By the very nature of a predictive dialler the more agents you have the better it should perform. One option would be to try Progressive dialling instead. You will still get the benefit of the dialler filtering non live calls. With fewer agents you are likly to quickly hit the 3% abandoned threshold when predictive dialling in which case the dialler will throttle back anyway.

In summary there are no hard and fast rules for what will work, a lot depends on the nature of the calls, the quality of the call lists and the contact rates you can achieve.

Be more than happy to assist further if you still have questions.




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I have over 14 years of experience providing Diallers to UK Contact Centres (Large and small).

I would be delighted to be of assistance to you.

Please let me know if I can help.

Many thanks,

Nick Wilkinson

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hi guys, thanks for this, particularily Kevin, that detail you supplied is really helpful.

I guess what I'm really looking for is an idea of how this will work technically. To give you the full picture, I work for a company that is very security conscious, what I'm trying to understand is what kind of access to our data and voice network would a hosted dialler solution require to work. I've been through all the hosted sites, and they all say all we'd need is a phone and access to a browser, but surely there would be a need for new software for screen pops etc which we don't currently use.



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Hi JD,

One of the ways in which we get around this is to install our agent desktop application (CallScripter) onto a server residing on your local network and just host the dialler itself remotely.

This allows all of the customer data to be held on site and then we just push the telephone numbers and the Contact ID's to the dialler part of the system.

The integration between the two then allows the dialler to communicate the ID number back to the application upon contact and we then screen pop from the locally held dataset.



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Infinity CCS

Hi JD,

As Kevin has said, it's easier to talk through than type I'm afraid!

If you need any more help then let me know. We have worked with most of the diallers out there so I can get a Technical, Security or Operations guy to talk to you through your queries.



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