Hourly Forecasting & Scheduling

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Hourly Forecasting & Scheduling
Hi All

I am hoping that someone can help. I am looking at some call forecasts and scheduling solutions for a role that I will be taking on over the coming weeks.

I have been provided some call & AHT data and this can only go to 60-minute intervals. This data is unlikely to change in the near future too.

Having worked with data at 15-minute interval level I am a little unfamiliar/uneasy with working at a higher level than this. My questions are:

1. Does the difference between 15, 30 & 60-minute intervals make much difference to the accuracy of Erlang C calculations?

2. Is it possible to schedule to 15-minute intervals and round this up so that available agents is also hourly?

I hope that all the above makes sense however, you need me to clarify any points please let me know.




Call Centre Helper

Watch out for the cluster of calls around the top of the hour
To a large extent you can multiply 15 minute data by 4 and it will give you an hourly figure.

But be careful as calls tend to cluster around the hour mark.

See point 7 in this article

You may also be able to get more granular data from the ACD system reports or from Call Detail records. You may be able to get phone arrival detail reports from your telecoms carrier.

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