How do you get on with Twitter?

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Are you active on Twitter?

I am a bit addicted to it.

We ran a poll asking if people could use Twitter and Facebook at work. The results so far are

- Yes: 34%

- Yes, with restrictions: 8%

- Only in the break area: 5%

- No, It is restricted : 53%

Votes: 124 Started: 9 Dec 2010

Martin Hill-Wilson shared with me a recent report showing that Twitter is still a minority report.

What are your experiences?

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I have had a look at Twitter but havent found anything of interest, what do you look at?


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I mainly use it as a micro extension of Call Centre Helper. I also use type "call centre" into so see if anyone is saying anything interesting.

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I have looked at a few famous people of interest but I dont find it particularly good reading. I guess someone must otherwise it wouldnt be such a success.

If a twit is a pregnant fish is a twitter what caused it ?

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GP Network Solutions

I have just started using Twittter at work.

I've had a personal account since 2009 which i mainly used for communicating with friends. A month ago i changed my profile so its almost exclusively for work now eg changed my bio, photo, interests, stopped following Paris Hilton and statarted following our customers and other Unified Communications suppliers!

However...I'm not sure if I'm convinced. On the one hand its a quick, easy and most importantly, totally free way of getting your brand out there to potentially thousands of people (at present I only have a measly 150 followers but I'm working on it!)

But on the other hand I'm just not sure its worth it for a medium sized company like us. Are people really reading my tweets? If i posted a link, for example, to my companys website would anyone actually bother to follow said link?

I'm going to persevere with it for the moment as like i said its free and I can do it on my phone on the bus on the way to work!

Bright UK

Emily: That's why you should track the visitors coming to your website. Do you currently have anything like Google Analytics in place? You can most definitely find out exactly how many people click on your link, and even if they carried on exploring your website and how long time they spent on it!

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John B, close but not close enough...

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Customer will follow our company on FB or Twitter if they are getting/gain something by twit to us.

My organization introduce FB and twitter to resolved inquiries and complaints. Its really success! 40K follower in just 2 months.

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