How do you Handle Customer Complaints - Interview Question

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How do you handle customer complaints
I have been preparing for an interview as a customer service rep, and one of the questions I have come across is "How do you handle customer complaints?". What is the best way to answer this interview question?

Is there a call centre complaints handling procedure that is commonly used?

Ways to Answer the Interview Question
Hi Clara,

I would recommend reading this article: It gives advice on answering the question "How would you deal with a difficult customer" (no.46), which includes handling complaints.

Think about whether you have any experience that might be relevant, have you worked in a charity shop, in a cafe or restaurant? You could also think about times you have had a complaint, and how this was handled.

In terms of handling complaints in the contact centre, read this article: which gives great advice on when you have a let a customer down ( or the customer feels they have been let down by you.

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