How does your CC manage IT issues when you have agents WFH?

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How does your CC manage IT issues when you have agents WFH?
I'm interested in hearing how different CC manage lost time due to tech issues when agents are WFH. Thinking more issues not necessarily able to be resolved by your organisation such as modem/ISP issues with and what business rules you apply to agents. Do they pay this time back? Come into the office? use AL? or does your CC cover that time? Thanks

Return to Office
We recently established Return to Office protocols that are triggered by down time for any equipment or internet issues so that we can keep agents on the phone. We have supervisors in office M-F and what we call hoteling stations to bring agents back in. The announcement of this immediately had a positive impact and equipment issues magically got better. We don't want to use this long term but hoping it helps in the short term. As the technology support has gotten better, the down time has also improved dramatically.

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