how i can sell by phone with my own database?

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how i can sell by phone with my own database?
How do i can make a sell call with my own database for another call center and forward it to the call center so they can get payment details from the customer so i can earn money from leads that i transfer to them. i mean like affiliate marketing but by call forwarding, anyone can help with this? is it possible?


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You must not make unsolicited live calls:
The short answer is that you can't.

The law has changed with both the GDPR and PECL regulations.

Please refer to the ICO web site

"The rules on live marketing calls are in regulation 21, 21A and 21B. In short, you must not make unsolicited live calls."

So the short answer is - no this is not possible.

Thank you for you an...
Thank you for you answer Jonty Pearce , i will explain to you more about my idea. for me i can collect calls requests from customers for a product in example home appliances warranty, if they are interested they will fill a form informations and phone number to receive a call from me or the insurrance company, but i don't know where i can get an insurrance company to collect interested costumers for them, can you help me with this please?


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This is probably the wrong forum to ask
This is probably the wrong forum to ask.

I don't know how you can approach Insurance Companies. You would probably be better off reading an Insurance Magazine and researching the best companies to approach.

But please make sure that you are on the right side of the law.

Yes of course thank ...
Yes of course thank you so much

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