How many seconds is 6 rings?

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how many seconds is 6 rings?
We have a client who is asking for an SLA of calls answered within 6 rings - how many seconds is 6 rings on average?


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In the UK the ring c...
In the UK the ring cycle is 3 seconds 0.4 second on, 0.2 second off, 0.4 second on, 2 seconds off. So 6 rings would be 18 seconds (i.e. before the 7th ring). But if you have to answer before the 6th ring, then it would be 5 x 3 seconds = 15 seconds.

In the USA the ring cycle is 6 seconds - 2 seconds on and 4 seconds off.

You also have to define what percentage of calls you want answered in 6 rings as statistically it is almost impossible to answer 100% of calls in 6 rings.

An Erlang calculator should help you with the number of staff needed to reach this service level.

Nice one Jonty....
Nice one Jonty.

I've always run the rule of thumb at about 3-4 seconds.
Nice to know my inductive reasoning AKA: Wild guess.... was more or less correct.


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