How often does contacting a customer become before it\'s harassment

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How many times to attempt to contact a customer before deemed as harrassment
The company I have just started working for doesn't have a dialler so agents are given a contact list. They will attempt to call all of the data on their lists by the end of the day/week. When they get through the data, they will then attempt to contact anyone they haven't spoken to again in a full loop - and then again and again.
It varies day to day as to how many times they attempt to call but I want to know what a reasonable amount of times a day would be as we don't want to get upset, annoy or get in to trouble with anyone.

What do your businesses do currently? Any help or ideas are welcomed!


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Ofcom regs highlight not to repeat calls within 72 hours
Sounds like you are in danger of being fined by Ofcom for Persistent Misuse of the Telecoms network.

If you are working of manual lists it sounds like you have no control over how frequently you are calling. In general you should not attempt to call for a period of 72 hours after you made the last attempt.

Look up the redial rules from Ofcom.

Here is a summary of what I found.

"In appropriate cases, Ofcom will take account of the extent to which any misuse is repeated. Generally, we are likely to regard repeated misuse in respect of the same number, or recipient, as an aggravating factor indicating a higher degree of harm."

"One of the ways we may assess this is whether any calls constituting misuse are made within the 72 hours following the first instance of misuse."

Please be careful as the fines can be considerable.

Hi Jonty
Do the rules change if we have a legitimate interest?
Potential customers go onto a comparison website and either express their interest in switching their energy provider or do not complete the form to switch which is why we call them.

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