How to answer "Why should we hire you?" in interview?

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How to persuade the interviewers to hire you but not showing your pride?

Is there any tips for this question?

How to answer in your opinion?

Any feedback is appreciated!

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Do people still ask that question?

Arguably it is redundant as establishing why you should hire someone is surely the reason for the interview in the first place. As a question I would say it is to direct, and will only show how much someone has prepared, and how well they can deliver a planned answer.

Its much better to ask less direct questions that will reveal information without the applicant realising what you want to hear. Most of us have sat through an interview and been told exactly what they think we want to hear and as a result learnt very little.

I would much prefer to see the question "Why shouldn't we hire you?" This will at least show if someone is arrogant, or if they are able to recognise their own shortcomings.

If I was ever asked, I hope I would answer with something along the lines of "I believe I have already answered that. If over the last half an hour you haven't been able to figure out the answer that's a shame, but thank you for your time". Of course I may just cave and reel off a list of semi true qualities.

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I had a manager who liked to throw this question in.

It is a chance to sell yourself - and re-emphasise that you understand the qualities they are looking for and further that you have them.

Hopefully this question would come at the end of the interview when you will have a bit more idea about what attributes they value or wish to avoid based on the questions asked - so for example if they are asking about when you met or exceeded targets - you could say something along the lines of you are hard working and enjoy challenges and strive to find ways to continuously improve your personal performance so that you exceed and not just meet any goals in place.

I'd probably also get in that I am reliable and have good timekeeping enjoy working with and supporting team mates but that i cam also work to high standards under my own steam.

Hopefully you will have backed these claims up with answers to earlier competency based questions - or will then go on to do so.

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Although this is a broad interview question we tend to use it to see how people cope with selling themselves. I would say think of yourself as the product. Why should the customer buy?

I think you need to give as much detail as possible - what qualifications do you have, how are you unique and how does this make you the best person for the job. Let the interviewer know that you have been listening to the problem and have what it takes to do the job - that you are the solution to the problem.

The bottom line of this question is, "What can you do for this company?"

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