How to build a Shift Rotation Pattern

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How to build a Shift Rotation Pattern

I can't seem to find any guides online on how to build a Rotation Patten from scratch. Can anyone please assist?
The centre has 57 FTE.
39 Of which are full time on 40h week contracts
18 are part time contracts varying from 20h - 25h
Some of the above are also on fixed shift times.

Centre opening hours 08:00 - 19:00 Mon - Fri.

Not sure where to start, does anyone have some advice?

Many thanks



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Employees tend to prefer consistent timings
I'm not sure why you need to rotate shifts.

Most of the feedback that i get is that people prefer predictability in their shifts (e.g. I work every Tuesday evening but am Free on Thursdays to play football).

The current thinking seems to be to ask all staff members what their preferred shift pattern should be and then to recruit around the gaps. There typically tends to be some trade off - such as you have to work one Friday and Saturday night per month.

Simple Approach
If you do move with the rotation - first build they for an optimum schedule. Then for the 39 FT folk, I would suggest identifying the 13 earliest, 13 middle and 13 latest shifts and move people between them - in effect a 3 week schedule. You can do similar with PT who are able to rotate - not as easy.

What staff want is interesting. I am helping a centre at the moment where staff prefer one late (8pm finish) a week with a mix of start times instead of fixed start times each week which I personally would prefer. But what Jonty mentions is also common. I think the early (8am), middle (9am) late (10am) approach is good as it allows you some movement - such as splitting the 8am an 8:30am in the future to give coverage later in the day.

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