How to collaborate with other advisors across different centers?

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How to collaborate with other advisors across different centers?
We run multiple centers and our leads are always looking for support and ideas for recognition, coaching, incentives and dealing with issues. I would like to start a group that takes one lead from each center and lets them collaborate with the other offices by attending the other centers huddles and 1 on 1's virtually. Has any one tried this? what were the results and did it have a positive impact?

Hi Justin, Bi...
Hi Justin,

Big fan of this idea! I've done a similar initiative a few years back - bringing different teams together in this way had the following results:
1. Increased engagement
2. Shared learning - they took best practice from each other
3. Improved consistency in ways of working & understanding of different teams/locations

In addition to them joining huddles and 1:1's, it may also be worth developing sessions with clear intent, for example set the group a task focussed on an immediate business priority that this group work together on. It also might be worth including front-line agents in this initiative.

All the best with this
Paul Pember

Great thoughts Paul
Thanks for the input Paul. I am still working on putting it together. We have 7 call centers and I am looking at the Advisor level. I am aiming to have a mix of virtual side by sides and focused meetings with the sharing of best practices. Then looking to cycle through different Advisors at each center to get the most out of the program.

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