How to Forecast?

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How to Forecast?
I've recently taken over the MI role for my organisation and cannot seem to accurately forecast demand. I'm no pro and fairly new to this level of work however, I was hoping there may be a step-by-step guide out there or template?

(We have a multi-skilled (25+), Multi-channel environment with over 80 Agents and around 30-40% skill deviation)

I've used the online tool / excel sheet from CChelper (which is great) but I want to understand the mathematics and how to create my own forecasts inline with our service needs and unexpected shrinkage when planning staffing needs.

Does anyone have a step by step guide on foreasting? Or, know of one being available? I've looked at training with "The Forum" but I cannot tell if some courses are for those with more advanced skills?

I appreciate any responses, thank you for your time.


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Holt Winters
I would suggest that you Google "Holt Winters" - the common name for "Triple Exponential Forecasting".

This is the most common method of call centre forecasting - also known as Time Series forecasting.

There are a number of articles and Youtube videos that should help to explain the differences between Level Trend and Seasonality and how you can smooth these.

I did an online course on Time Series Forecasting on the FutureLearn site that was very valuable.

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