How to get first client?

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How to get first client?
Greetings all.

I am trying to set up a small call center in the Dominican Republic (24-48 seats) and have most things resolved except for getting that critical first client.

I understand that what I am proposing is not going to be easy, I am aware of the failure rates for new call centers (over 90%) and I know that no one wants to be the first client of an unproven call center.

I have spoken with consultants and brokers, and all have been positive and polite but nothing solid seems to come from these conversations.

What should I do?

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Tell me why your call centre is going to succeed when many others fail
What experience you have of running a call centre, and why you're going to be able to hit the ground running instead of using my campaign to cut your teeth.

Why I want to put my work with you.

If you've got some answers to these questions then you'll find work. Don't get too tied up with the flashy side of the business (ie, Brokers). Fundamentally, there are organisations who *want* to outsource their work. Think from their perspective, they want to be able to find a call centre that suits them. Do you suit them? If so, how would they go about finding you?

In my opinion, this is grass roots stuff and if you're struggling here then you'll struggle at every step along the way. But nonetheless, the very best of luck to you.



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What do the customers need?
In my original post I said "In my opinion, this is grass roots stuff and if you're struggling here then you'll struggle at every step along the way."

From what you've said, it doesn't sound like you're struggling at all. It sounds like you know exactley what your prospective customers need.



getting the first client
im also trying to get my first client . the problem is although i know what i can offer , i dont know where to start . since im new i will probably go through campaign providers/brokers. but the problem is i dont really know of any. there are lots who are there but they sound very dubious. Can anyone please provide me with the names of campaign providers who work with American companies?



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An update
Since beginning this thread I have gotten several projects. I could have gotten them sooner but I was ignorong some obvious things and trying to bypass necessary steps that are apparently part of paying dues.

Here is what I learned.

New call centers need to cut their teeth doing outbound performance based campaigns. The client is assuming a huge risk by employing an unproven center, so the center needs to assume the risk of a performance based campaign to meet them halfway. If you are very lucky you may get a campaign that supplies you with leads, otherwise you need to buy your own lists. If not you should buy your own and be sure and scrub them.

After you have proven yourself by doing a good job on an outbound campaign you may be eligible for something more solid, at this point the client is placing a considerable amount of trust in you, by making you a part of his business process and there is just no way this is going to happen without a proven track record.


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How to win new clients for your contact centre business
Matt Litherland has written a good article on the Call Centre Helper website on
How to win new clients for your contact centre business

I want to client
I want to make my own on call centre

I want to get Clients out of my Country.
Hi, I have a Call center in Honduras, I have clients here, I have all the structure to attend clients or accounts out of Honduras, what can I do, to get clients out of my country ???


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You need to be able to differentiate your business

I want to start up a small call centre in my place
Can somebody help where to find clinets and set up a small call center,


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Don't start a call center until you have clients
My advice is that you should not start a call center until you have clients.

The market is saturated with call centres and unless you have a great niche then you may be wasting your time and money.
Make sure that you read this article first.

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