How to introduce myself quickly without getting hung up on

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How to introduce myself quickly without getting hung up on
I work in an outbound call center, I call dental offices that i need to introduce our service to the main Repair contact person, My obstacles are how to get past the gatekeeper to get tot the repair contact person or Dr.


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Calling at the right time
In many dental practices the main person is one of the dentists. And if they are any good they are seeing patients when you call.

So there are four main options
- Leave a compelling message with the receptionist that will make them want to call you back. "I wanted to share some information about how we saved another dental practice $5,000 per year on their repair bills"
- Call when the receptionist is not there. Try early evening, lunch and early morning. (The early bird catches the worm).
- Examine call recordings of where you (or your colleagues have been able to get through). What time was it, which day, what words were used? Emulate best practice.
- Send the dentist a present (not sugar based) and ask them to call you back. I know one sales guy who used to send people a door bell push (they cost less than $4 each - with a note saying "I have been trying to attract your attention for a while". He got a large number of calls backs and made a lot of sales.

Pre-empt the Gatekeeper - Be an actor
Just go for it, be an actor:
'Hello, is that ABC Dental Care? I understand you are all busy over there and no doubt your ears probably usually tune out when you hear a sales call - am I correct? This won't take a minute - I promise. Our company offers a radically different repair service that has saved dental practices like yours across the country up to ..$ per year. I'm sure the partners of your practice like saving money don't they? Is one of them about? Or perhaps the person in charge of repairs, this is likely to be the most important call they will receive all day!! I'll hold, thanks.'

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