How to maintain track of ghost calls

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How to maintain track of ghost calls
Call centers typically receive ghost/phantom calls. How can we keep track of such calls and also try to minimize them?


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Ghost calls and short calls
A ghost call is usually defined as when you receive a call and there is no one on the other end of the line. It is similar to a silent call, but these calls tend to originate from outbound telemarketing where the organisation uses some form of answer machine detection to see if there is a live person.

Ghost calls can happen for a variety of reasons.

1. You are being contacted by an outbound telemarketing system which has scraped your phone number off the internet. There is a discussion about this on this link
2. There is some form of technical problem stopping the audio path being connected. For example - mobile phone coverage drops, the caller has pressed the mute button by accident, there is a technical fault in your phone system etc.
3. It is a short call where the caller hung up just before connection to the agent (the caller may have thought they dialled the wrong number or they abandoned the call just as they were connected). If they were dialling from an analogue landline phone this could hold the line open.
4. You are connected to a prankster who like to disrupt your organisation.

Depending on the scenario you have a range of different approaches to track them
1. Call reason code in the CRM system. Ask the advisor to select ghost/silent call in the CRM system. You should then be able to pull off a custom report.
2. Speech analytics. There should be a way to set up a way of tracking where there is complete silence from the caller.
3. Identify short calls from Call Detail Records. This should be able to track all calls where the call is less than, say, 20 seconds long. Call Detail Records can be pulled into a spreadsheet so that you can see - how long the call was, which number it came in on, which advisor answered the call, as well as the time date and the originating phone number. This can be very useful in detecting trends and is the area that I would typically start with.

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